Bodysuits: A trend that even the Duchess of Sussex uses.
Bodysuits: A trend that even the Duchess of Sussex uses.
October 9, 2018
How to Rock Whit an Outfit
How to Rock with an Outfit in a Party
October 27, 2018

So, you've finally decided to take the plunge into jumpsuit territory.

But if you're still double-checking your reflection to make sure you're not going to end up a don’t, read on to avoid the following mistakes...

1. Don't let your waist get lost: If you want to flatter your figure in a jumpsuit, you have to define the distinct sections of your body by cinching the waist, either with a belt or with a jumpsuit that has an elasticized or drawstring midsection.

2. Ditch the matchy-matchy thing: You gals probably remember that the first time the jumpsuit trend was big was in the 80s, when there was a direct correlation between how many pastel shades you could throw on at once and your coolness factor. These days, the whole matching colors thing feels kinda juvenile and old-fashioned. The jumpsuit itself is already reminiscent enough of the 80s, so don't go overboard with the color palette, too. It'll look much more modern if you mix things up.

3. Pay attention to proportion: Identify the slimmest part of your own silhouette, then work backwards. If you've got killer legs but a not-so-firm tummy, go for a jumpsuit that's blousy up top and skinny in the legs. If you're more top-heavy, balance it out with a jumpsuit whose pants are wide leg or flowing.

There you have it, ladies! Armed with these little tips, you can finally embrace the jumpsuit instead of fearing it!

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