May 28, 2019
May 30, 2019


Jumpsuits are cute and trendy, but they’re not exactly the easiest things to wear. Getting the correct length is tricky, choosing the right fit is crucial, and let’s not even talk about how they leave you fully naked when you need to use the bathroom.

But, don’t let that intimidate you from wearing a head-to-toe, all-in-one garment. Consider it a small price to pay for a chic-er alternative to the usual dresses, a quick pick-me-up to your t-shirt-and-jeans routine, and a fabulous way to get on a trend that’s hot both on and off the red carpet.

Want to pull off that pants and top combo look like an expert? Got it!

For casual occasions, choose a relaxed-fit jumpsuit with a gathered waist.

Casual one-piece garments generally come in relaxed fits, which make them perfect comfortable pieces for daily coffee runs. It’s also easy to adjust their looseness as they usually come with an elastic or drawstring waist.

Avoid casual jumpsuits that are too loose that they end up making you look frumpy and shapeless. Also be wary of jumpsuits that give you that unflattering “long butt”. It’s when too much fabric blouses over the waistband that the waist is completely lost and your butt, hips, and back merge into one, long, rectangular butt shape. Please DON’T! For dressier events, go for a tailored jumpsuit.

Tailored is the only way to go when it comes to wearing a jumpsuit to an evening gala or a cocktail event. You’re able to fabulously pull off tailored jumpsuits with wide legs that flattered their figures. Tie your whole polished look together with elegant accessories like chandelier earrings, a box clutch, and bold, red lips and BUM GIRL!

However, tailoring isn’t 100% foolproof. You must have your jumpsuits custom-fitted well or you’ll be on the worst-dressed lists.

Cinch your waist.

Break a jumpsuit’s monochromatic, straight-up-and-down line and define your waist with a belt. You can cinch it at your natural waistline or a little lower on the hips to create a lengthier illusion. In addition to belts, long-sleeved shirts and jackets tied around the waist work just as well in creating an hourglass shape in a jumpsuit. Not all belts are created equal. You have to be careful if you wear your beltway too high under your bra line, because it could end up giving you a paunch. Or if you choose a grommet belt that could’ve been too wide and too heavy for a polka-dotted jumpsuit and petite frame.

When going with a cropped-length jumpsuit, choose one that stops at the ankle. While a wide-leg jumpsuit is the most universally flattering, a more closely fitted jumpsuit can give you a more sleek and streamlined look. The best hem length for this type of jumpsuit is just right at the ankle. This length still gives you the long, lean look of a jumpsuit while also allowing you to show off your shoes at the same time.

If you want to try a shorter, at-the-knee length, choose a jumpsuit in a gaucho or culottes style. The extra width from the flared style balances out the jumpsuit’s short length and will not stunt your height. Pay attention and avoid to wear a jumpsuit that’s cropped a little too short. The awkward above-ankle length will scrunch your height and make you appear shorter than you are.

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