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May 18th, 2019 LIV Nightclub, Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, FL, US

Europe is the birthplace of EDM music, so obviously the best artists are European. Nick Van De Wall, better known as Afrojack, is one of the greatest contribution to the world of EDM, and rightly so. His set at Ultra Music Festival has been so unbelievable.

Van de Wall was born and raised in Spijkenisse, Netherlands. His mother is Dutch and his father is Surinamese. He developed an interest in music at an early age and learned to play the piano at the age of five.

From a single-parent household, his mother Debbie owned a local gym. After leaving school, Van de Wall studied graphic design at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in Rotterdam for a year before embarking on a career as a DJ/producer

One of the current top reigning EDM artist, Afrojack ALWAYS delivers during his live sets. Making an entrance by starting his tracks and then popping out from below them. He builds it up by addressing the crowd, getting them as pumped up as possible.

It also helps that he has a ridiculous amount of stage electronics as well (ie lights, LED screen, even flames and air cannons). He moves as much as the crowd is moving, dancing as he controls his music. He attracts huge crowds making his stage the most fun and energetic around.

When he starts spinning take over control, the crowd goes wild, and for a while you can really only hear the crowd singing. And if that isn’t enough, he will show a hell of a lot of love to the crowd by picking up the mic and turn the level up even more. It’s like he has endless amounts of energy, which makes for the best dance party ever.

And... Did you know?

He makes a majority of his music on an aeroplane!! WoW!

In-demand DJs like Afrojack travel all over the world nearly throughout the year. They spend a large amount of time on aeroplanes, and Afrojack definitely makes good use of his time up in the air.

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