June 3, 2019
Breack ya neck - busta rhymes
June 5, 2019


Say yes to stripes! If you want to amaze everyone around, then we will give you the recommendation to try on striped dresses this year. Check a collection where you can find your favorite casual striped frocks in various lengths, cuts and details and feel comfortable. Some say it’s a basic print, but we like to think stripes will underline your uniqueness in your everyday life. All you need is to add well-chosen accessories to brighten up your outfit.

For example a striped sleeveless midi dress made of lightweight cotton you complete it by adding aviator sunglasses and black leather slides. What do you think?

Believe it or not, but stripes can take on totally different moods. Everything depends on their width and color. Today’s weather is an ideal time to be cool and casual, all you need is to throw on a sweet frock and add some extras, like a functional handbag, sunglasses, lovely hat, some fancy accessories and your favorite heels or sandals. Your casual dress has to be comfortable, flattering and good looking.

Versatility and practicality should be primary qualities of your chosen style. If you still not sure how to wear this print, then we recommend to explore showcased street style images of ladies wearing striped dresses.

What can you do with a stylish frock in black-white stripes? Easy Girl! You can add skinny brown leather belt to underline your silhouette. Also adding aviator shades, shoulder brown leather bag and strappy ankle-length sandals.

An asymmetric black and white striped frock in slim silhouette is completed with black brimmed hat. That’s a perfect outfit for simple day walks on the town and feel good and casual.. done!

Another pretty outfit can be made with a black-white striped shift covered with a hooded denim jacket. That’s a perfect choice for weekends and countryside trips with friends.

If the weather is cold and frosty, then you better keep things cozy and comfy. Go for a long-sleeve black-white striped shift-dress and style it with black tights tucked in pointed-toe black leather ankle-boots. And, what if you add it a camel coat to give a touch to the outfit? Good idea, right?

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