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A blouse is an of-the-moment top—one of the most sought after basic outfits. Whether it is a skirt, shorts or pants, a blouse is a covetable item for women of all ages. A great variety of blouses is trending this season. Just finding a piece that is sewn to the standard of perfection is not enough, incorporating it in the most trendsetting way is equally important.

There’s a couple of ideas for your outfit:

Lace Blouse with Denim Trousers With summer around, girls can’t keep their thoughts from finding a fashion piece both light and airy. Lace blouses are the best staple to go with. It is best paired with skinny trousers teamed up with eye-catching fashion accessories.

White Blouse with White Shorts

A white monochromatic look is just the way to go in summer. Team up your white blouse with white shorts. Addition of ankle boots and fedora hat gives a picture-perfect look.

Sleeveless Blouse with Capri Pants

Sleeveless blouses are crucial summer pieces (don’t forget your sunscreen). Besides being an easy summer staple, they promise a bold and fashion-forward look. For the trendiest look in town, just ditch your everyday trousers and opt for state-of-the-art Capri pants. For an added flair of glamour, don’t forget to wear stiletto heels.

Printed Blouse for Office Attire

A blouse is something that you can easily incorporate in your office or work outfits. If you do not have some specific office attire, just go on with a classically styled floral top paired with beige pants (elegant hues for office). To keep up with the decorum of a working place, it is always good to opt for plain or simpler bottoms—especially when you are pulling off a printed/floral top. It always helps in managing a balanced look. For footwear, pumps are highly recommended.

Peplum Blouse with Denim Embrace the trend with a stylish peplum blouse. As it is about spring and summer seasons, it is always refreshing to opt for a top with floral print. Long sleeves, deep V neckline, and denim trousers, all are just the perfect ingredients to step out in style.

Black and White Striped Shirt with Flared Trousers This one is an awesome outfit idea especially for those looking for some business and work blouses. The deadly combo of an elegant and loosely fit black and white striped blouse with wide legged trousers is just enough to add an unforgettable appeal.

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