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May 27, 2019
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May 29th, 2019 Amway Center, Orlando, FL, US

From child acting and performances on Broadway, to number one albums and being dubbed ‘The Next Mariah Carey’, Florida, US born Ariana Grande has accomplished a lot in 21 years./p>

As a young girl, Ariana wanted nothing more than to record an RnB album but it was a role in Nickelodeon’s ‘Victorious’ that would be her first break. She worked on the show for 3 seasons all the while working on her debut album and strengthening her vocals with Coach Eric Vetro, who had also been working with Katy Perry.

By June 2013 her debut album ‘Yours Truly’ was ready and when it was released in the US on August 30th it debuted at number one making her the 15th female artist to have her debut album chart at number one. The success just kept building from there as she was named as one of Billboards hottest acts under 21 and toured with Justin Bieber but she was not going to wait around when it came to new music.

Soon beginning work on her second album, she managed to fit in a couple of performances at the White House before releasing ‘My Everything’ in August 2014 and taking her sound and popularity to a whole new level. The album was seen as a maturation for Ariana and spawned worldwide super-hits like ‘Problem’ with Iggy Azalea and ‘Bang Bang’.

Praised for just about every facet of her artistry, be it her personality, her presentation or most of all, her incredible voice, this young singer looks like she’s got a heck of a career ahead of her.

When she introduces herself at the start of the concerts she has a really heartwarming voice and just seemed like such a nice person. The crowd got all quiet when she starts singing and there is an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation in the air. She starts singing and her voice is hauntingly beautiful, all the skepticism evaporates in a wave and you can find yourself hanging on her every word.

The lyrics of her music are incredibly well craft and her voice is perfect for them. You feel like you are experiencing something unique and is very glad to have come. Ariana looks amazing in her dresses and just seem really classy overall, it makes it really easy to respect her as a singer. The crowd just remain quiet throughout and everyone is watching with respectful interest.

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