How to Wear a Dress Etiquette
April 17, 2019
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April 26, 2019


1-Wear your vest on top of your coat, so everyone can see it.

It's a great way to dress up a basic, inexpensive jacket. Choose a puffer in a bright color for a fun, sporty look, or go glam with fur or feathers.

2-Pull your jogger pants down around your hips, instead of wearing them up around your waist.

Joggers, drawstring pants, and silk pajama pants are meant to be worn low across your hips, not up around your natural waist. Keep your top loose and blousy, then add some structure and sophistication with a tailored jacket, high heels and a boxy bag.

3-Emphasize your waist, even in a shapeless sack dress.

You don't have to wear something tight or cinch in your waist to create a flattering silhouette. Layer a cropped jacket over an otherwise shapeless dress for instant waist emphasis without a belt.

4. Give your jeans a rest.

Wearing an oversize sweater with a pair of skinny jeans is so boring! Add a hefty dose of romance and glamour to that big, cozy sweater by layering it over a long, flowing dress or skirt. You'll still flatter your figure but the overall look will be more comfortable and infinitely more beautiful.

5. Play with proportions to make your outfit sexier and more fun.

Instead of a basic, hip-length sweater, try layering a cropped sweater over a woven top or blouse. Then switch out those basic black tights for a pair of over-the-knee socks. Layer a pair of sheer, nude tights underneath, and it will look like you are flashing a little bit of skin even though you will actually be completely covered up.

6. Don't let one awesome accessory completely dominate your outfit.

It's easy to fall in love with an amazing pair of shoes or a fun bag when you are out shopping, but actually wearing them can be a little intimidating. The easiest thing to do is just wear all black and call it a day, but then your whole outfit becomes about that one accessory. Suddenly your shoes are the star of your outfit, when that role should be played by you.

7. Wear your jacket on your shoulders, not on your arms.

And while you're at it, stop pulling your boyfriend jeans down around the tops of your shoes. Instead, give them a little cuff to show off your ankles, and wear them a low on your hips for a little extra slouchiness. The volume of the jacket will help balance the volume of the jeans and create a more flattering look.

8. Save the big necklaces for when you're older.

Jeweled statement necklaces are hugely popular, but they are a little costume-y and big necklaces in general are a very mature look, better suited to women in their 50s than those in their 20s. If you want to bling up a basic blouse or sweater without aging yourself 30 years, leave your neckline unadorned and try a cool ear cuff, or ring, or bangle instead. Anything, really. Except a brooch. That's some major granny territory

9. Stop belting your tops.

If you want to draw attention to your waist in an otherwise curve-obliterating top, your best bet is to tuck the top into a high-waisted skirt or a pair of high-waisted pants. It's a younger look and it elongates your legs, which is never a bad thing.

10. Stop pulling your shirt down over your hips.

Pulling your top down like that draws a line right across the widest part of your body and makes you look larger than you really are. It can also cause unfortunate muffin-topping on even the most toned of bodies. Instead, go for a cropped sweater to bring the attention up toward your waist and get yourself some high-rise jeans to help shape and cover you from the waist down.

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